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I Have a Permanent Four Ball

Saroj is an avid golfer. She is in her late 70’s and often struggles to get a four-ball going. One morning, Saroj called to say, “I have some good news and some bad news.” “First the good news – I have a permanent four-ball” I was both delighted and surprised. “Who are these people you will be playing with,” I asked. She went on to name three other people, none of whom walked the earth anymore. Before I could react, she added, “Now the bad news, I have been diagnosed with cancer.” And she laughed.

A few months earlier I had read a beautiful piece by the late Indu Jain (Chairperson – Times of India). As I recall it, she wrote about having led a truly privileged life, filled with many adventures. She went on to say, “All these years I have always been restless for new experiences. Now, to tell you the truth, this life has become dull…. As an adventure traveller, the last frontier beckons, demanding to be experienced. Of this I am certain; the never-before destination, the great unknown will not disappoint me. Everyone has talked about its mystery…. I am eager to find out.” Reading this has given me a whole new perspective on the great beyond. I now envision grassy pastures, blue skies, and the fragrance of a million flowers.

Saroj, in the meantime, went for treatment to Mumbai, and two weeks after she was back home (and one week before the doctor had permitted it), she was back on the golf course.