No Place like Home

Amaltas Senior Care helps Seniors live the best life they can — in the comfort of their own homes.

We ensure access to companionship, medical care, and the convenience of having someone to help with the demands of city-living. With the assistance of an Amaltas Angel, the Senior can be independent and stay in the familiarity of their home environment for as long as possible.

We serve the Delhi NCR region and Chandigarh.

The Amaltas Way

The Amaltas offer has been designed to approximate the care given by family. At the core of our offer is the frequent visits by capable and concerned Amaltas Angels and the detailed visit reports.  The Amaltas Angels — our Gold Standard Caregivers, ensure person-centred care that’s tailored to your loved one’s interests and ability.

An Amaltas Angel can help with everything from doctors’ visits, organizing nursing, medication, with shopping, outings, packing, with supervising installations and repairs, with payment of bills. We encourage participation in life-enriching hobbies, interests and social activities. We are also your eyes on the ground.

Personalized Care

The journey with Amaltas begins with an assessment to understand the requirements of the Senior citizen as well as their family members. Based on this assessment, we can recommend the service plan that would be most appropriate.

Our goal is to help with services that best improve your parent’s level of comfort at home, and assist them in remaining independent for as long as possible.

Amaltas Club

The Amaltas club offers activities every week for our Seniors. Our list of activities is designed & modified to suit member preference – there is always something for everyone. Most of the activities are in small groups. Many of the activities are even designed to be located in the geographical vicinity of the Senior.

“My mother likes to call the Amaltas Angel her “Health manager.” And she is certainly that – taking her to the doctor, the dentist, the physio, tracking her medicines, organizing her medical file, sending detailed reports. She is also her ‘Fun’ manager, teaching her phone photography, visiting places of interest together, or just spending time at home with her. And sometime she becomes the ‘House’ manager – getting the broad band installed, the safe fixed. The Amaltas Angel watches out for her with a warmth that is very reassuring for us.”


Gold Standard Caregivers

We could all do with an Angel in our lives.

The Amaltas Angels are all well-schooled and well spoken. They are cheerful, caring and compassionate, engaging and empathetic, intelligent and innovative, patient and perseverant, responsive and reliable. It takes a special person to be an Amaltas Angel!

Our Angels are trained to ensure an exceptional level of care for the Seniors. But more than that – An Amaltas Angel is a friend.

WhatsApp us on (+91) 9811068600 and we’ll connect you to the right Angel for your requirements.