Amaltas Club

The Amaltas Club offers events every week for the Seniors. Our list of activities is designed to suit member preference. Membership is available on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis — there is always something for everyone.

What We Heard You Say

“I am 85. I used to play cards at the club in the evenings, but I have become slower than the others, so I have stopped going. Now the evenings hang on me.”

“For my 80th birthday I told my sons that I needed to have a party for 5×20 people. You see, I had 1 kitty a week, plus I had a satsang group. All that ended with Covid. I sometimes feel the vaccum. “

“My daadi is 91 and feisty. She lives with us, but everyone is so busy that she gets lonely. If she could have a plan once a week she would be excited about it 3 days before and be talking about it 3 days after.”

Amaltas Club Events

The Amaltas club offers activities on a weekly basis. As always, all our activities are designed to be senior friendly and are overseen by Amaltas Angels.

  • Coffee mornings

  • Lunches

  • Activity afternoons — cards/ scrabble

  • Evenings out — performances/ Events

  • Movies

  • Temple Tours

  • Discussion groups/ Book club

  • Adopt a charity — Visit to Cheshire Home/ Blind School/ Orphanage/ Old-people’s home. 

  • Visit to an exhibition/ bazaar/ mall

  • Workshops — phone photography, art, dance, gardening etc

  • Singing/ Dance group

  • Nature walks/ Guided walks

The Annual Amaltas Vacation

Vacations are happy times. They create the best memories. For our Silver Seniors with the time and the inclination to explore new places, Amaltas organizes the annual vacation. A variety of destinations allows the Senior to choose the vacation that is most attractive to them (and that fits their budget). Be it the mountains, the sea, a place of historical interest, a pilgrimage — the world is our oyster.

Amaltas Club Gift Voucher

The Amaltas Club Gift Voucher allows the Senior to be a member of the Amaltas fraternity for the period of the gift voucher (minimum one month) and gives them full access to all the weekly activities. It is the perfect gift for the senior person in your life — the gift of companionship.