When I decided to ambitiously take my 88 year old Mom from Mumbai  to Gurgaon for 4 weeks, I was quite nervous.  Mom is wheelchair bound, has a number of medical conditions ( physical, neurological) and was going to be leaving the familiar cocoon of her home after 3 years. Simran and the Amaltas Senior Care team bolstered my courage even before I left for Gurgaon. Their quiet confidence gave me the conviction that it would go very well and it did. While the Amaltas team helped me significantly on various fronts to create an efficient eco-system for Mom’s seamless care including a superb physiotherapist, the aspect that has stayed with my Mum is the genuine high quality listening, the bonding, the companionship that the Amaltas Angel gave her. That was a game changer in keeping mum’s spirits up, making her feel special and valued. We are back in Mumbai after what turned out to be an enjoyable 4 weeks for Mum. Mum has forgotten the pain of the travel and is keen to go  again given a chance, thanks to the great memory she has of the trip!