No place like home

Amaltas Senior Care helps seniors live the best life they can—in the comfort of their own homes.

We ensure access to care, companionship, and the convenience of having someone to help with the routine chores of daily living.

We serve the entire Delhi NCR region

What you told us

“My father delays going to the doctor. I wish he didn’t have to do it by himself”

“My mother was so outgoing, now she refuses to go out for a coffee alone. It would be so nice if someone could take her out”

“My mother has to go for chemotherapy. It really hurts that she has to go alone”

The Amaltas Promise


Making seniors feel taken care of, pampered, and reassured of support


Taking care of their routine chores and ensuring a comfortable life


Connection, communication, community — even during COVID


All safety protocols are followed 

Gold standard caregivers

Launched by two professionals who feel strongly that seniors deserve love and care that families bring Caregiver team is well-schooled, well-spoken, experienced in serving seniors at home and through hospitalization — even extended illness

Simran Singh

MBA, management professional with work experience in India and abroad, involved with animal welfare, mental health counselling & education

Charu Kapur Singh

MBA, management consultant & entrepreneur with work experience in India and USA

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